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Have you been sleepwalking? Do not wait to get the treatment you need—instead, turn to West Coast Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders Center, a respected sleep medicine clinic based in Ventura County, California. We proudly offer sleepwalking treatment at our offices in Oxnard and Camarillo. And if you live outside the area—or if you reside nearby but cannot attend an in-person visit—we welcome you to use our state-of-the-art telemedicine service.

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What Is Sleepwalking?

Sleepwalking (somnambulism) is a condition that causes someone to engage in activities while sleeping. Contrary to its name, sleepwalking does not always involve walking around (although it often does). Instead, someone with this condition may open their eyes and sit up in bed, speak, eat a snack, or perform other actions, all while remaining asleep. In some instances, they may urinate in an inappropriate place or become violent. Sleepwalking can become especially dangerous if the person tries to navigate stairs, leave their home, or operate a vehicle.

Sleepwalking episodes typically occur one to two hours after falling asleep, and usually last for several minutes. It may be difficult to wake someone up when they are sleepwalking, and once they have awoken, they may be briefly disoriented and almost always later forget the incident. Children are more likely than adults to sleepwalk, and often outgrow the condition by the time they become teenagers.

Treatment Options for Sleepwalking

Isolated sleepwalking incidents generally do not require treatment. However, if you have sleepwalked on a recurring basis—especially as an adult—or engaged in dangerous behavior while sleepwalking, you should consult with a professional. Sleepwalking treatment may include:

  • Addressing any underlying conditions or habits that are causing you to sleepwalk
  • Waking up before the time when you would usually sleepwalk (anticipatory awakening)
  • Taking medication
  • Adjusting existing medications
  • Attending therapy sessions
The sleepwalking specialists at West Coast Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders Center can recommend the treatment approach that is best suited to your needs.

The Team to Choose for Sleepwalking Treatment

If you need treatment for sleepwalking, it is important to find a provider that you can trust with your care. You can feel confident turning to West Coast Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders Center for sleepwalking treatment. Since 2004, we have treated more than 10,000 patients, and in addition to being accredited by the American Commission for Health Care Services (ACHC), we are the area’s only sleep clinic treating patients as young as 13. Contact us today to schedule either an in-person visit at one of our Ventura County, CA, offices or a telemedicine appointment.
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